The Incredible, Indelible Psoas


Feeling inspired by Katy’s Blog on the piriformis about a week ago, I am going to declare October Psoas Month, even if it that is true just in my own little world :)  Last month was Piriformis Month and I had mentioned on FB that I could not wait till Psoas Month, so I figured that I would just declare it! I asked my husband what he thought of this title and he said that it had no “pop”, but feel that this title feels called for in that the psoas is a strong, incredible and unforgettable muscle, particularly in my case.  It is a also a muscle that I have committed to really focusing on this month as my back pain has continued to aggravate me over the last several weeks and despite my strong-willed intention of no longer being a rib thruster, I have not been doing all I can to ease my psoas.

Katy Bowman’s blog on the Snapping Psoas, Hidden Dragon reminded me that I need to be doing more psoas releasing exercises on a regular basis. However, sometimes it feels like I cannot commit to the amount of time required for to release this muscle, which is at least a good 20-30 minutes.  Obviously, I need to re-look at my priorities and  spend less time on FB!  So, my plan for this month, in addition to starting off the fall season on a new foot with detoxing my body of unnecessary food that does not serve me, my plan will be to do the same for my psoas.  I will commit to incorporating more psoas releasing exercises into my daily routine as well as incorporate other modalities to strengthen my core which is also a telltale sign for how much I am relying on my psoas :(

During the month of October, I will share some of the exercises that I am doing as well as information about how the indelible psoas can be a culprit for many familiar issues in our everyday, modern life; examples include back pain, knee pain and many others.  In the spirit of hosting a Rehab Your Knee workshop this coming Sunday in El Cerrito, I will focus on how the psoas can affect knee pain in next week’s blog. Yeah!

Off to release my psoas before going to bed!

5 thoughts on “The Incredible, Indelible Psoas

    • Hi Cathy…I just posted a new posting that offers on psoas release exercise, called crescent pose. There are several others that will target the psoas such as cobbler’s pose which is where you are sitting and the soles of the feet touch. My plan is to have a slew of pictures and exercise description in the next blog or two that will show the various exercises that can be done. Hope this is helpful!

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